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The Relevate Academy grows your business capabilities across sales, digital technology, marketing, and more.

With courses for every skill level and learning style, the Relevate Academy helps business owners and professionals upskill with programs that also drive immediate, practical business outcomes.

We deliver the right knowledge in the right way to grow your business.

For Business Owners

  • Upskill with courses that drive business outcomes
  • Discover scalable practices and strategies that grow with your business
  • Learn from instructors who understand how business systems and processes interconnect

For Organisations

  • Bridge skill-gaps and train your workforce on industry best-practice
  • Future-proof your business by keeping organisational skills current and competitive
  • Empower your team to innovate and grow your business

For Professionals

  • Gain transferable business skills applicable to every business and industry.
  • Uplevel or reskill on the most sought-after industry systems and practices
  • Connect with opportunities through the Relevate Academy community

Learning solutions for organisations of all sizes

Relevate Academy gives you the real-world skills you need to scale your business. With learning solutions for every skill level and learning style, we’ve got options for everyone.

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Courses on copy writing and marketing
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Courses on creating automation sequences
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Courses for keep you and your company secure on the web
General business skills and tips to help you grow your business value

Easy to learn

Why learn with Relevate?

We give you the real world skills you need to excel in the 4th industrial age. Learn in bite sized chunks with easy to consume content.

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Earn real world skills that you can take anywhere

Learning Paths

Modular content in bite sized chunks

Upgrade your skills

Develop Your Total Business Skillset

We understand that every business is an ecosystem. From finance to IT, marketing to sales, HR to operations – each area needs to work together to achieve the best results.

Relevate Academy offers comprehensive learning solutions across every area of business. Start learning the skills you need today, and shift your focus as you scale. Learn from instructors who understand how each area of business supports the bigger picture.

We provide options for everyone, so you don’t have to spend time managing multiple learning providers.

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Real-world instructors using real-world practices

The Relevate Academy isn’t about ‘secret’ propriety formulas, academic theories, or little-known life hacks.  Our instructors use their real-world knowledge and decades of expertise to curate courses and toolkits that upskill your business acumen so you can make educate and intentional decisions to grow your business.

We’re creating the ultimate hub of business resources and e-learning that are simple, actionable, and will help business owners and enterprise leaders to start driving real results, fast.

Whether you’re business owner looking to scale your business, an enterprise organisation looking to upskill your team, or a professional wanting to grow your own acumen with practical, outcome-driven learning, Relevate Academy gives you the skills, resources, and road map to get there.

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Scale Your Business

Courses for SMEs and enterprise organisations, linked to practical business outcomes

Real World Skills

Industry best-practices and proven strategies taught by instructors who ‘walk the talk’.

Customised Learning Experience

Modular training in bite-sized chunks, with course formats for every learning style.

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