Knowledge Management

Avon Collis · 06/03/2022

In order for a business to scale you need to empower others. This can be done by teaching others what to do and how to do it. The systems and processes for sharing this information is called knowledge management.

Business owners often get stuck in a cycle of finding the work and then doing the work. When they find enough work to get busy enough to need help, they are often then too busy doing the work to train someone else to take their place. This is where knowledge management can help save the day.

This course will show you how to capture knowledge with low effort processes so that bringing on that first person is much easier. The course will also give you the best practice guidelines to get up and running with a basic structure so that you can go from 1 to 100 staff with the right knowledge systems.

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Avon Collis

I have an MBA (Marketing), as well as many years of experience working closely with clients. I implement CRM and Marketing Automation systems. I have the knowledge and experience of having trialled thousands of software systems and understand their best use cases. Refresh your mindset and approach business the right way; discover the skills you already have you can use to turbo charge your business.

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