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Zoho Creator – AU Domain

Zoho Creator is a custom app builder based on the Zoho One Platform. You can build full software applications or simply perform basic functions that aren't covered in the other Zoho applications.

  • Build apps quickly
  • Make it secure
  • Automate workflows in your business
  • Make a mobile app version
  • Get reporting and insights
  • Simple data integration across platforms and with other Zoho apps
  • Create forms for your business
  • Check data
  • reach customers on different channels
  • Set permissions and controls
  • Use powerful functions in your apps such as Geofencing

There are plenty of use cases for Creator, the best thing is that you get to chose what it does. With low code, drag and drop functionality you can build complex applications in weeks instead of months. Access features and functions inside Zoho such as Zia AI, multi lingual support, CRM and others.

Some use cases for this platform are things like supplier management portals where you can get your suppliers and subcontractors to sign up to your system, upload insurance documents, allocate jobs and provide reports. You can even collect signatures and key dates to keep compliant. This then allows you to create follow up workflows to remind contractors to update their insurance details 30 days before it is due to renew and keeps your internal team up to date on statuses. Then you can run reports across the board showing you the number of jobs, contractors on jobs, any at risk projects and automated follow up actions.

All in all, Zoho Creator is a powerful tool that takes a little bit of technical knowledge to understand but can yield some very powerful results for businesses. You can even create a return to work app to help keep track of your employees health and wellbeing. There are so many use cases the possibilities are just about endless.

Zoho Creator – AU Domain 0 reviews

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