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Zoho Invoice – AU Domain

A Small Business invoicing solution, Zoho Invoice is a simple yet effective tool that comes with a free plan, an app and makes it easy to get paid. As a small business starting out, its hard to fork out for software tools, many have a free version but the one you ultimately want to use will require migration. With Zoho Invoice you not only have the option to invoice as a small business, you also have the ability to grow into the wider Zoho One suite without having to migrate all of your data out of it and into something else in the future.

Zoho Invoice gives you access to a range of great features, such as:

  • Invoicing - Professional invoices
  • Online Payments - Connect stripe, paypal and some others to get paid fast
  • Estimates - Sometimes called quotes, send them out and convert to an invoice in one click.
  • Client Portal - allow your customers to help themselves, download invoices and pay bills.
  • Time Tracking - get paid for the time you put in, download the app and track your time with ease
  • Expense Management - take care of tax compliance with expense management, incurred an expense on the job? No worries, include it in the next invoice.

Get set up in minutes, look professional and make sure the people that you do business with take you seriously. You can set up payment reminders, give your customers multiple ways to pay, professional invoice templates that you can customise to your brand. You can even do multi currency and get signatures for work completed.

Do you still prefer old school? Zoho will even print and post your invoices to your customers. You can set recurring invoices for those regular jobs and and get real time reporting on how successful you have become with the help of Zoho Invoice. You can easily scale your business and link Zoho Invoice to other platforms such as Zoho CRM.

Zoho Invoice – AU Domain 0 reviews

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