Software Comparison

Avon Collis · 29/01/2021

How to choose the right one for your business with our free software comparison matrix?

Choose the right platform without getting caught up in marketing hype.

Choosing the wrong platform can cost you not only in licence fees but also in lost data, lost productivity, missed customer opportunities and it will also make your business lose momentum. Sorting through hundreds of platforms is draining, once you have looked at a few of them they all start to look the same and you forget which one had which feature. You end up buying the one that had a few standout features and some good marketing without empirically looking at the whole picture. Next thing you know you are layering up another 3, 4 or 10 platforms to plug the holes, you are taking data out in spreadsheets and loading it up somewhere else or you can’t get reports on anything because your systems are across so many apps. Managing licences and access are a painful and it’s hard to onboard new staff because the system is a mess. Scary right?

We developed the Software Comparison Matrix to help you choose software the right way so that you can plan your needs, identify gaps, and get the best overall solution that allows organisational growth.

This FREE course will help you to:

  • Perform a needs assessment
  • Compare features the right way
  • Plan your ecosystem
  • Plan for the future

Learning Objectives

Save thousands by reducing the risk of choosing the wrong system.
Evaluate on business need, not just look and feel or price.
Truly understand your needs.

Target Audience

  • Anyone planning to buy business software
  • Anyone thinking of undertaking a software implementation

About Instructor

Avon Collis

I have an MBA (Marketing), as well as many years of experience working closely with clients. I implement CRM and Marketing Automation systems. I have the knowledge and experience of having trialled thousands of software systems and understand their best use cases. Refresh your mindset and approach business the right way; discover the skills you already have you can use to turbo charge your business.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • Course Certificate

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Avon Collis
Posted 2 years ago
Really helpful

Made it easy to figure out what I needed in my business.

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